StabiLens Gimbal Ring Counterweight System

StabiLens is a universal counterweight system that uses a rubber ring placed around the lens to balance the camera package on a gimbal.

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Each ring can hold up to 20 individual weights, either the tungsten alloy weights (12g/0.4oz) or steel weights (5g/0.17oz). Depending on the lens, you could add or remove weights for a total of 240g/8.4oz or as little as 5g.

The rings can fit any lens between 58-100mm in diameter.

Unlike other counterbalance weights that are placed on the gimbal arm or on brackets that require rebalancing for different camera & lens combinations, the StabiLens is placed on the lenses.

The quickest way to use the system would be to have a StabiLens for each lens that you use. This lets you keep the camera in the same position for each lens combination, letting you simply swap out the lenses as required.

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Since the counterweight is also placed on the lens, it also works across gimbal models and brands, not limited to just single-handed gimbals like the Ronin-S or Zhiyun Weebill etc.

Pricing & availability

Shipping in March, the StabiLens is available at a special pre-order price.

StabiLens Starter Kit – $79.99, normally $99.99 USD

StabiLens™ Gimbal Ring
10 – Tungsten Alloy Weights (12g)
10 – Steel Weights (5g)
1 – Hard Case

StabiLens Cinematographer Kit – $119.99 normally $149.99 USD

2x StabiLens™ Gimbal Rings
20 – Tungsten Alloy Weights (12g)
20 – Steel Weights (5g)
1 – Hard Case

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