PFY 5G EagleEye Wireless HDMI Transmitter

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PFY has announced the EagleEye wireless HDMI transmitter that lets you stream video to up to four iOS devices over a claimed range of 100m (328′).

Key features

  • APP support for both Android & iOS platforms( APP: iOS 8.0 or above / Android 6.0 or above )
  • • 100m 1080p Video & Audio transmission (free area)
  • • Incredibly low latency for real-time monitoring
  • • High-quality pocket-sized housing
  • • 3500mAh exchangeable Li-Ion battery
  • • Battery run-time up to 4 hours
  • • Professional monitor features:
  • • Grayscale, RGB, monochrome, false color, focus peaking, zebras, safe mark, center mark etc.
  • • Adjustable Color Gamut for video range and full range
  • • 3D LUT loading (.cube format)
  • • Internal recording function (Turns the mobile phone into a wireless recorder, for FHD 1920*1080 30/60fps resolution video)
  • • PiP with Histogram
  • • 8 Selectable 5G Channels (Channel is automatically prompted to change when the signal is weak)
  • • Taking Pictures directly on your mobile device and share it instantly on social media!
  • • Image and Video Gallery

The PFY EagleEye Wifi HDMI Transmitter was designed so that you could utilize your smartphone and tablet as a portable wireless monitor for your camera. It allows for up to four devices to connect simultaneously.

What you clearly need to remember with app-based wireless video systems is the delay is pretty horrible. PFY doesn’t list the latency.

The app not only lets you monitor the image, but you can also bring up monitoring assist aids such as false color, focus peaking, zebras, etc. There is also the ability to use 3D Luts, but there is no information on how you use them or import them into the app.

PFY says that EagleEye allows you to control your Camera through the App. I think what they are referring to is the ability to start-stop recording over HDMI as long as your camera supports that. Unfortunately, there is nothing listed as to what cameras this works with.

Apparently, the app also allows you to take pictures or record the video signal directly on your phone so you can share it directly to social media platforms. There is no information as to what format or quality these videos or photos are recorded in.

Haven’t I seen this somewhere before?

The EagleEye looks almost identical to the Accsoon CineEye Wireless Video Transmitter and it also has very similar specifications. There wasn’t much imagination when choosing the name either.

Here is what they have in common:

  • Up to 100m (328′) transmission over 5 GHz Wi-Fi
  • Battery run time 4 hours
  • Stream to four iOS/Android devices at once
  • Foldable antennas
  • Automatic channel selection
  • Full sized HDMI port
  • iOS/Android app with features such as false color, peaking, zebras etc.
  • Support for 3D Luts
  • 1/4″-20 mounting thread on the bottom
  • 1 x USB Type-C Input
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The only real difference between the two products is that the EagleEye has a removable battery, the CineEye doesn’t. The EagleEye has five LED indicator lights for the battery, the CineEye has four. The EagleEye weighs 130g, the CineEye weighs 175g.


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Price & Availability

The EagleEye is now available to purchase for $149 USD. This is $100 USD cheaper than the Accsoon CineEyes. This arguably makes the EagleEyes the most cost-effective HDMI video streaming solution on the market.

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