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Sound Devices MixPre V6.00 adds 32-bit float USB audio streaming

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Sound Devices has announced firmware version 6.00 for all MixPre Series portable audio recorders and USB interfaces. Firmware v6.00 introduces 32-bit float USB audio streaming for the MixPre II Series.

Sound Devices MixPre-6 I

This new feature makes the MixPre-3 II, MixPre-6 II, and MixPre-10 II the only USB audio interfaces currently on the market that allow cutting-edge 32-bit float recording and playback on Mac OS.

“With 32-bit float, you no longer need to worry about clipping during your best vocal takes or instrument solos. Any recorded moments exceeding 0 dBFS can be reduced to an acceptable level after recording in your DAW.The MixPre-II recorders are the first USB audio interfaces to support 32-bit float. We were the first to ship 32-bit float recording technology when we launched the MixPre-II in 2019 and we wanted to bring the same vast dynamic range and unclippable recording benefits to musicians and other content creators recording directly into a DAW.”

Paul Isaacs, Director of Product Management & Design at Sound Devices.

32-bit float USB audio streaming requires Mac OS Catalina (10.15+) and an application that supports 32-bit float. A list of compatible applications is available on the Sound Devices site at: www.sounddevices.com/32-bit-float-applications

If you want to see how 32-bit float works, check out our video from IBC 2019.

Additionally, all current MixPre II Series models and the legacy MixPre Series and MixPre-M Series models have received performance improvements. MixPre users may download firmware version 6.00 at: www.sounddevices.com/download

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