OWC– new eGPU, Thunderbolt 3 enclosures & SoftRaid Software

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At CES 2020, OWC is showing a range of new hardware and software products. These include the ThunderBay 8, ThunderBay FLEX 8, Akitio Node Titan, and their SoftRAID Standard and SoftRAID Pro software.

Akitio Node Titan

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The Akitio Node Titan is an external Graphics Processing Unit Enclosure (eGPU) that transforms notebooks or other slot-less computers (Mac mini, iMac, NUC, etc.) into high-performance gaming, video editing, and graphics workstations for a fraction of the cost of buying/building a new machine.

It connects to a Thunderbolt 3-equipped computer and offers the power and space needed by today’s most popular double-wide full-length/full-height AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards. Play stunningly realistic high FPS games, perform rapid video renders and enjoy buttery smooth playback, run VR, AR, and animation apps, and use VR headsets without compromise.

Unlike other eGPUs that come as a bundled solution and cannot be upgraded in the future, Node Titan gives users the power of choice in deciding which graphics card to install for their present needs. If those needs change in the future, simply swap cards to keep graphics performance on the cutting edge.

The Akitio Node Titan is expected to be available in Q1 of 2020 through MacSales.com.

ThunderBay 8

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The ThunderBay 8 is a professional-grade, 8-Bay Thunderbolt 3 storage solution for pros who refuse to compromise. It is best to think of it as a high-performance personal data center offering a multitude of configuration possibilities and almost limitless storage capacity for filmmakers, video production gurus, photographers, graphic designers, and small business workgroups.

The OWC ThunderBay 8 will be available in Q1 in capacities from 0GB (add your own drives) for $749.99, and as populated solutions from 16TB to 112TB with pricing starting at $1,228.99.

ThunderBay FLEX 8

The ThunderBay FLEX 8 was designed as the solution for the most advanced, demanding workflow needs. It’s a ground-breaking, industry-first, 3-in-1 Thunderbolt 3 storage, docking, and PCIe expansion solution from the world’s leading Thunderbolt accessory manufacturer. It offers eight drive bays that support a mix of SATA/SAS/U.2 NVMe drives for up to 128TB of storage capacity.

The ThunderBay FLEX 8 integrated storage, docking and PCIe expansion solution will be available in Q1 as a 0GB enclosure (add your own drives) or from 16TB to 128TB solutions.

SoftRAID Standard and SoftRAID Pro

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SoftRAID is a powerful yet easy-to-use software RAID platform for macOS and Windows that maximizes drive capacity, offers faster performance and protects against data loss.

It is ideal for anyone who needs to safely store and backup massive amounts of data including videographers, editors, audio producers, photographers, database and media managers, advertisers, archivers, and more. For work in a cross-platform environment, SoftRAID allows users to create, read, and write HFS+ RAID sets on both macOS and Windows computers so they will never have to worry about disk formats again. Users work worry-free with disks checked and verified before use plus, early warnings prevent unexpected disk failure.

The SoftRAID Standard will be available for $49.99 and SoftRAID Pro will be available for $179.99. There is a 30-day free trial available.

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