The Cinematography of The Mandalorian

GCS202 Baz Idoine

On the first Go Creative Show podcast of 2020, host Ben Concoli speaks to cinematographer Baz Idoine about his work on The Mandalorian.

Ben and Baz discuss the look of the series, how they used innovated LED panel technology for backgrounds, his thoughts on the phenomenon that is Baby Yoda, and much more.

You can listen to the full episode above.

Topics Covered

  • What it’s like working with cinematographer Greig Fraser (03:50)
  • Going from 2nd unit cinematographer to director of photography (05:02)
  • The pressure of working on a Star Wars series (10:57)
  • The sets and locations of THE MANDALORIAN (12:11)
  • Using LED technology to create backdrops (13:49)
  • Using digital sputniks for lighting (35:26)
  • Lighting the prisoner ship with over 600 lights and a DMX board (37:03)
  • How lighting shows has evolved over the years (39:43)
  • Baz’s approach to lighting THE MANDALORIAN (41:48)
  • Filming the golden hour scenes (44:40)
  • Lighting the reflective armor of the Mandalorian (47:51)
  • Giving THE MANDALORIAN a western feel (49:27)
  • Bringing Baby Yoda to life (54:00)
  • Most challenging scene to film (58:35)
  • The challenges of shooting anamorphic for VFX (1:00:32)
  • Shooting for HDR (01:01:51)

Baz Idoine has worked on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Westworld, True Detective, Legion, The Bourne Legacy, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, Salt, and the list goes on.

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