The Newsshooter forums have just launched. Join the conversation → for iPad has a dedicated app now for the iPad. Frame.IO has had a an iPhone app for quite some time, which was great for keeping up with what’s happening on the set or in the edit suite when you’re on the move.

However, for those times when you need to make more critical decisions, viewing on a small iPhone just wont cut it. Even when your mobile you want to be able to watch something on a larger screen, and that’s where the iPad app comes in.

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Whether you’re watching dailies, evaluating VFX shots, or you just want to get a better sense of composition and color, not only does for iPad make your mobile experience more flexible, it’s another step toward giving you the ability to view color-accurate footage in the field by leveraging Apple’s high-quality iPad displays.

iPad also does more than just enhancing the mobile experience with It works as a complement to your desktop environment by increasing its functionality.

Divide and conquer

Split view lets you keep in view on one side of the screen while using apps like Final Draft or Slack or FaceTime on the other. You can view scripts, chat with your team, or have face-to-face discussions.

Detailed annotations

Introducing Frame io for iPad

Apple Pencil lets you leave even more detailed drawings and annotations on your work. Fine-tune stills or moving images, create illustrations, or work in Photoshop and import your assets to

Using the Apple Pencil makes it extra simple to edit scripts or to leave notes, just as if you’re writing on paper.

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