A Million Little Pieces Cinematography

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Legendary cinematographer Jeff Cronenweth (Fight Club, Social Network, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) talks to Go Creative Show host Ben Consoli about his latest film A Million Little Pieces.

Jeff and Ben discuss the constraints of turning a book into a screenplay, how they only had 21 days and $4 million dollars to produce it, how Jeff utilized 3 cameras, and the use of practical special effects.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • What Jeff is currently working on for Las Vegas (03:47)
  • Behind the scenes of A Million Little Pieces (09:42)
  • The constraints of turning the book into a screenplay (14:59)
  • How they managed to film for only 21 days and $4 million
  • Creating the look for A Million Little Pieces
  • Jeff’s camera package
  • How Jeff used 3 cameras for A Million Little Pieces (36:10)
  • Jeff’s lens package (42:02)
  • How color and lighting was motivated for specific scenes (49:18)
  • Properly lighting smoke (54:41)
  • Using physical special effects for the sewer hallway scene (57:46)
  • How the whiskey glass reflection shot was done in-camera (01:01:14)
  • Why Jeff embraces fear when working (01:03:35)
  • How Jeff uses LED lighting technology (01:04:53)
  • Advice for new cinematographers (01:06:30)

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