M Soft RayBrid KeyMaker – Green Screen without a Green Screen

At Interbee 2019 in Japan, M Soft was showcasing its RayBrid KeyMaker system which allows you to key subjects without the need for a green or blue screen.

This is not new technology, and there are already quite a few companies that already exist with similar systems.

RayBrid KeyMaker is a customized version of RayBrid Matte Maker that has been successfully used for movies and TV programs. The system can effictively cut out people and objects from a background within a specified distance from the camera and background.

This means that it is possible to use in places where the set is assembled or outdoors, without the need for a studio with a chroma key set.

Key features

  • Generate natural edges by applying RayBrid Matte Maker (*) technology
  • Composite the file material behind the subject
  • Video input / output supports FullHD
  • GenLock on sync signal (B.B / 3 value)
  • Synthetic materials can be input externally
  • Intuitive operation with an external controller (optional)
Screen Shot 2019 11 17 at 2 40 23 PM

Basically it can work with any camera. The system utilizes a small camera that is used to scan the area in front of the camera you are filming with. Then through the use of software, it can cut out those objects in real-time and then layer them onto any background of your choosing.

The results looked pretty good and the key was working even when subjects or objects were fairly close to the background.

M Soft charges around 3,000,000 JPY (around $27,000 USD) for the whole system and then there is a yearly licensing fee of 1,500,000 JPY. At these prices the system isn’t aimed at individuals it is more catered to TV studios and large production houses.

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