Lightstar LUXED-4

The Lightstar LUXED-4 is a bi-color spacelite 720W lamphead. The LUXED-4 is a multi-purpose LED spotlight that combines 4 LUXED-S fixtures. It can be used as a space light and hung from above, or it can also be used as spot light when fixed on stand with the yoke.

The light has been around for a while, but this is the first time we have reported on it.

One of the nice features of the light is the ability to change the beam angle by simply attaching a different fresnel style lens to the front of each lamphead.

Lightstar claims that the fixture has the following output:

  • 11000 lux 3m
  • 6000 lux 4m
  • 4000 lux 5m

Key features

  • High quality light output, CRI≥95, ·TLCI: ≥96
  • Brightness 0-100% adjustable
  • The color temperature is continuously adjustable within 2,800K-6,500k
  • High-intensity
  • Support DMX 512, Lumen radio communication protocol, LCD control, software control
  • Double power supply convenient for outdoor shooting
  • Support each unit separate control, color temperature, brightness, and strobe
  • Dimensions(mm): 945Hx216Wx910L(mm)
  • Net weight:23KG

You can use a DMX console to change the brightness and color temperature remotely.

Lightstar also makes a range of accessories for the light including a softbox, and two different skirts.

The light looks to be an affordable solution for those users who are after a large, high output source that can be used for a variety of purposes.

The light costs around $3,000 USD.

Lightstar was also showing its LUXED-S LED Bi-Color Spotlite 180W Lamphead. The light draws 180W and is color adjustable between 2800K-6500K. It retails for around $1,000 USD with a softbox and V-lock battery plate.

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