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Could this be the World’s smallest quad V-Lock battery charger?

At Interbee 2019 in Japan, FXLION was showing what could well be the World’s smallest quad V-Lock battery charger.

The very compact and lightweight quad battery charger (FX-NANO4S) is capable of charging four mini V-lock batteries simultaneously.

The charger looks to be perfect for travel where space and weight are at a premium. The battery charger will be available in December for under $250 USD.

FXLION also had two Sony NPF to NANO V-Lock Battery Converter Plates. The first offers a D-tap with a 14.8V output and would make a good compliment to devices such as monitor/recorders like the Atomos Ninja V or Shogun 7.

The second version of the converter plate has the same 14.8V D-tap output, but the plate converts the voltage going through the NPF adapter to 7.4V. Why 7.4V? Well, there are quite a few Chinese monitors where the input voltage is only 7.4V.

IMG 6588

FXLION also had a mini V-lock plate that would make a good companion to small DSLR and mirrorless cameras where you are using a cage.

Also available is a V-lock plate that has a variety of tapped holes as well as the ability to be adapted to 15mm rods.

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