Technical Farm Sigma Cine Lens Follow Focus Motor Mount

At Interbee 2019 in Jpan, Technical Farm was showing their new Sigma Cine Lens Follow Focus Motor Mount.

This mount is quite clever because it allows you to mount a lens motor, or multiple lens motors directly to the lens without needing to add baseplate or top-mounted 15mm rods.

IMG 6477 1

As Sigma Cine prime and zoom lenses have two holes on the focus barrel, Technical Farm has simply made a mount that allows you to insert a 15mm rod and then attach a follow focus motor.

At the show, Technical Farm was demonstrating the mount with a PD Movie wireless follow focus, but there is no reason why you couldn’t use any follow focus motor that attaches via 15 rods.

IMG 6468

Technical Farm was also showing some prototype 3D printed lens rings that will be able to clamp over other cinema and still lenses so that the lens mount can be attached and used in the same way as on a Sigma lens.

The mount is easy to install and can be purchased directly from Technical Farm for 28,000 JPY.

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