Sound Devices Scorpio & 833 v3.00 featuring MixAssist and CL-12 Integration Now Available

Sound devices have announced that the firmware version 3.00 for the Scorpio and 833 are now available and includes lauded Sound Devices’ MixAssist algorithm, integration with the CL-12 linear fader controller, AAC recording for immediate handoff to transcription and more.

The 833 was just announced at IBC 2019 and is set to ship soon.

Sound Devices 833 coverage from IBC 2019

Sound Devices’ MixAssist algorithm intelligently attenuates unused microphones to reduce unwanted artifacts in multi-microphone applications. MixAssist has been available for both 7-Series recorders and 6-Series mixer/recorders, and now has joined Dugan Automixing as an available algorithm on the Scorpio and 833. 

Screen Shot 2019 10 17 at 5 41 56 pm
MixAssist helps with multi-track recording.

The Sound Devices CL-12 linear fader controller is now supported with the Scorpio and 833. The CL-12 is purpose-built for location sound recording needs and furthers the flexibility of the Scorpio and 833 ecosystems. With the addition of the CL-12, sound personnel have familiar control of the Scorpio and the 833 at their fingertips. 

Screen Shot 2019 10 17 at 5 42 04 pm
The now-discontinued CL-12 fader controller

Firmware version 3.00 also features the recording of timecode-stamped compressed AAC files for easy handoff to transcription services. AAC files can be tracked separately to redundant media while maintaining a primary and backup record option.

Screen Shot 2019 10 17 at 5 42 44 pm

Additionally, Smart Battery telemetry has been added to the Scorpio and the 833. Both mixer-recorders will now display relevant Smart Battery information, such as battery time remaining, percentage remaining, cycle count, and temperature.

Smart batteries offer 98Wh of power and retail for $195 USD.

Scorpio and 833 users may upgrade to firmware v3.00 by visiting the Sound Devices Downloads page: https://www.sounddevices.com/download/

The Sound Devices Scorpio 32-channel/36-Track Portable Mixer-Recorder retails for $8,995 USD

The 833 8-Channel / 12-Track Multitrack Field Recorder retails for $3,995.

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