Canon EOS R firmware update 1.4.0

You can now download Canon EOS R firmware version 1.4.0. Although it is not available to download in the US just yet, several other Canon sites such as Canon Japan already have it listed.

Canon EOS R firmware update 1.4.0

Firmware version 1.4.0 adds the following functionality and improvements to the EOS R:

  • With improved Eye AF detection accuracy, it will now be possible to detect the eye even when the face of the main subject is small.
  • By improving the AF frame display speed, the AF frame will follow a moving subject more accurately than before.
  • By improving AF performance, subjects that are moving quickly on the screen, even if they are quite small, can be tracked more accurately.
  • Corrected the phenomenon where the AF frame size could not be changed in the servo AF setting.
  • PTP communication vulnerability fix

If you also weren’t aware, Canon also released a new LUT back in February for the EOS R as well.

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