Zylight Go Panel with Active Diffusion

The Zylight Go Panel is a bi-colour LED light aimed at the broadcast/ENG market that has a useful new feature: active diffusion. We’ve written about this technology before but this is the first time we’ve seen it in a product you’ll be able to buy.

Active diffusion

Rather than clipping diffusion to the front of the light, you can dial it in on the back of the fixture, as you would with brightness or colour temperature.

To counteract the colour shift the diffusion introduces – it tends to skew warmer as the light gets softer – the panel mixes in a little extra cool colour to offset the warming effect.

Zylight go panel
Key features

  • Dial in electronic diffusion
  • Bi-colour light with range of 3,000K-6,000K
  • IP65 rated
  • 100W power draw

Power draw and other features

The Active Diffusion doesn’t have an impact on battery life – the unit draws 100W at full power whether it’s set to soft or hard light.

Zylight say you’ll get a full hour of runtime if you’re using a 98Wh battery and they offer battery plates for both V-lock and Anton Bauer Gold mount batteries.

The light is IP65 rated for use outside in rain and snow, and has a 26° beam angle.

Price and availability

The Zylight Go Panel will be available in November for $1,575 US.

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