Active Diffusion: Zylight and Chimera partner to create electronic diffusion technology

Zylight and Zylight partner to create Active Diffusion

What if you could dial in diffusion on a light fixture from 0-100% through a controller? Well that’s what Zylight and Chimera have and it’s called Active Diffusion, Zylight’s patented electronic diffusion technology. This is not a new concept, and Chimera first showed a prototype way back at NAB 2011, but the idea never got to market, until now.

Multiple lights, one diffuser

Built as a flexible, electronically-controllable LCD screen that can be used with fluorescents or any other cool lights, like LEDs, Zylight’s Active Diffusion panel will affix to gel frames or precisely-sized Chimera softboxes.

The adjustable opacity of the Active Diffusion panel “eliminates the need for an assistant” as operators can dial in the diffusion from 0-100% through a remote-control handset. You can change from a hard to a soft source without having to derig lighting modifiers or switch out fixtures.

The unit accepts 9V power and is DMX capable, so you could rig it to a fixture and not have to worry about ladders or access when you want to tweak the opacity level.

Chimera are referring to the technology as “lighting’s first follow focus,” although perhaps it would be churlish to point out that rather than needing fewer personnel it’s normally very much desirable to have an assistant to take care of that particular task on set.

Still, it sounds like it could potentially be a time saver if your lighting set up uses modified hard lights, and Chimera certainly know a thing or two about diffusion.

From Chimera

Key Features

  • World’s Only Variable Diffusion Panel
  • Palm Sized Controller
  • Continually Adjustable Diffusion
  • Long Life – More than 1 Mil. on/off Switches
  • Flexible for Easy Portability
  • Low Voltage Requirements – 9V
  • DMX compatible

Active diffusion: final thoughts

Sounds like a very interesting idea and we’ll be interested to see it in action at NAB. Hopefully we’ll be able to find out a little bit more about how it works, pricing and availability.

Would you be like to have this kind of tech in a light? Leave a comment and get the conversation started.

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