Z-Cam update: interchangeable lens mounts and E-ND filter

Z-Cam’s 4K E2 MFT camera is shipping – Erik was pretty impressed when he reviewed it earlier this year.

Since then Z-Cam has enabled ZRAW recording which they say has been very popular. They’re now looking at supporting a Mac workflow for processing ZRAW footage and getting native support in the major NLEs.

They’re also looking into the possibility of adding ProRes RAW recording over HDMI to their cameras.

IMG 7643
Full frame 8K, now with an interchangeable lens mount

Swappable, user-changeable lens mounts

Next month should see the release of Z-Cam’s flagship E2 models – full frame and s35 6K models, and a full frame 8K model. Usefully, the lens mounts for all the camera bodies will now be user changeable. You’ll be able to choose between PL, an excitingly chunky-looking locking EF mount and a newly announced MFT mount.

IMG 7644
The original E2 has a fixed MFT mount.

The E2 S6 fitted with a MFT mount will be compatible with speed boosters – so if you’re upgrading from original MFT E2 you’ll be able to make use of your existing lenses.

And… ND

IMG 7647
The tiny triangle on the lens mount is where the company is intending to fit an ND filter.

Z-Cam are also developing an E-ND filter for their swappable mounts so you won’t have to use a mattebox or lens-mounted NDs. The picture above is of a prototype PL mount version – the small triangle indicates where the filter will sit.

Don’t be shy

Z-Cam says that their Facebook user group is really useful in helping them develop their technology roadmap. So don’t be shy – head over there and offer up some opinions.

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