Core SWX Fleet Quantum quad charger with LCD touch screen

To complement the new Hypercore NEO 98Wh and NANO C98 battery for Canon C200, C300 MKII and C500 MKII Core SWX introduced the new Fleet Quantum quad charger.


The new quad charger offers a highly efficient 4A 2×2 simultaneous charge. When four-packs are connected to the charger, the charger will detect which two packs have the most charge capacity, and first charge those to full capacity. 

Quantum Screen Breakdown

Something unique to the Fleet Quantum which I haven’t seen before in a quad charger is a large color touchscreen LCD with a graphical user interface that provides stored smart battery data including state of charge, cycle count, capacity data and more. The Fleet Quantum quad charger will be available in November for $879 US

Nano C98 both

Core SWX also is showing what I feel will be a big hit. The new 98Wh NANO-M battery series for Canon C200, C300 MKII and C500 MKII cameras. The new battery is equipped with a powertap, USB, and four-stage LED gauge.

The NANO-C98 pack will charge on OEM Canon chargers as well through the p-tap input for even more options. I do like options. The Nano-C98 will be shipping in November at $245 US.

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