New MFT MicroPrimes from SLR Magic


SLR Magic has announced two new focal lengths to their MicroPrimes series of lenses with the 21mm T1.6 & 50mm T1.4

This now brings the full line up to five lenses:

12mm T2.8
18mm T2.8
21mm T1.6
25mm T1.5
50mm T1.4

The two new lenses feature full manual control, have an 82mm thread front, an 85mm front diameter for clamp-on matte box, are all 0.8 Mod geared.

MicroPrime CINE 21mm T1.6

Mount: Micro Four Thirds
MSRP: US $599
Optical Structure: 13 elements in 11 groups
Image Circle: θ32
Weight: 700g

MicroPrime CINE 50mm T1.4
Mount: Micro Four Thirds
MSRP: US $599
Optical Structure: 6 elements in 5 groups
Image Circle : θ32
Weight: 630g

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