Cartoni Maxima 50 first look

Cartoni was showing their new Maxima 50 at IBC 2019. The Maxima 50 is a tripod head that has designed specifically to accommodate large, heavy digital cinema camera packages.

The Maxima is a Flat Mitchell mount tripod head, although it can be adapted to be used with an optional 150mm bowl base.

The tripod head features Cartoni’s patented counterbalance. The Maxima 50 handles payloads from zero to 50 kg (110 lb) throughout its 180° tilt range. This payload capacity is certainly impressive. The patented continuous fluid drag system allows almost freewheeling to extremely consistent drag for maximum versatility and stable diagonal shots.

The tripod head weighs in at 13 kg (28.6 lb) and it certainly looks to be a nice alternative to offerings from both O’Connor and Sachtler.

Cartoni MAXIMA 5.0

The Maxima 50 knobs and levers have been ergonomically placed for operator ease of use. The tripod head is suitable for studio, location, or outside shooting. The large sliding camera plate is compatible with ARRI, Sony, and O’Connor. The head comes with a telescopic pan bar and a short front pan bar.

Cartoni Maxima 50 first look

Cartoni already has the MAXIMA 30 and MAXIMA 40 heavy-duty tripod heads. The MAXIMA 30 has a payload capacity of 29.9 kg (66 lbs), and the MAXIMA 40 can handle up to 39.92 kg (88 lbs).

The Cartoni maxima 50 is a direct competitor to OConnor 2575.

The Maxima 50 is now shipping and it costs around $11,000 US.

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