Sony 16-35mm T3.1 E-Mount Servo lens

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Sony has announced the 16-35mm T3.1 lens (FE C 16-35mm T3.1 G) at IBC. This is a servo-driven lens that now joins the 28-135mm F4.0 G Power Zoom OSS E-Mount Full Frame.

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The new full-frame E-mount lens is compatible with a wide range of E-mount cameras from VENICE to the alpha series, to the new FX9.

“Our ongoing conversations with partners and customers have shown that there is a clear need for versatile tools which improve efficiencies and drive greater ROI (Return on Investment). Along with the Sony “One Mount” solution based on its Alpha series, the flexibility of our new E-mount Cinema Lens series offers content creators greater creative freedom and helps them concentrate to their artistic vision.”

Norbert Paquet, Head of Product Management, Sony Professional Solutions Europe.

Sony says that when paired with the new full-frame format camcorder FX9, the lens supports fast and accurate auto focus, making it possible to track fast moving subjects while maintaining a shallow depth of field. 

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From the website, it looks like this is only one of many more G E-mount servo lenses, with at least two more to come.

Optical Design

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The lens uses two XA (Extreme Aspherical) elements with extreme surface precision of 0.01-micron, together with circular 11-blade apertures. The two XA elements and three aspheric lenses are positioned in a way that is said to effectively reduce field curvature, and astigmatism. A combination of two ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glasses, reduces color distortion.

Additionally, floating focus is claimed to provide outstanding resolution at every zoom position. Nano AR (Anti Reflection) coating reduces flare and ghost phenomenon.

Three independent rings, remote control from the camera, and a detachable servo zoom

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The new lens has three independent rings for focus, zoom, and iris. There is also a linear response Manual Focus (MF) feature. The focus ring with a large rotation angle comes with a distance scale, which makes it possible to quickly and easily set the same focus position during scenes that need to be shot repeatedly.

Using with compatible cameras such as FX9, remote controllers and supported smartphone applications, full-control of zoom/iris and focus can be operated from the camera. This drastically simplifies lens operation.

The 16-35mm T3.1 features industry standard 0.8mm pitch gear on each lens ring enables to provide the option to use follow focus.

Additional functions include a de-clickable iris ring that prevent unintended iris change during shooting, the option to reverse the rotation direction of the zoom ring to be fitted with user’s preference and detachable servo zoom that provides smooth zooming.

The new 16-35mm T3.1 will be available in Spring 2020. There is no current information about pricing.

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