Adobe Auto Reframe for Premiere Pro

Adobe has announced Auto Reframe, a new Adobe Sensei-powered feature that is coming to Premiere Pro. Using Adobe’s AI and machine learning technology, Auto Reframe automatically reframes and reformats video content so that the same project can be published in different aspect ratios—from square to vertical to cinematic 16:9 versions.

Auto Reframe Image

Manually reframing sequences with multiple resolutions is a tedious and time-consuming process. With Auto Reframe, users can simply drag the effect onto the individual clip or clips they wish to reframe and it does the work for them.

Intelligent algorithms generate motion keyframes that follow the action in the video so the most important content is automatically centered and kept in the frame. For more complex sequences containing many clips and edits, Auto Reframe automatically generates a new sequence that applies reframing to all the clips in the timeline.  

Auto Reframe will launch on Premiere Pro late this year. We’ll be sure to check it out and report back then…

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