DJI Ronin-SC. A lighter gimbal designed for Mirrorless Cameras

The DJI Ronin-S is a beastly single-handed gimbal that can take a heavy payload. Today, DJI introduced a new, fully-featured lighter single-handed 3-axis gimbal called the Ronin-S Compact (SC). The Ronin-SC is designed for mirrorless cameras. It weighs 2.4 lbs (1.1kg) making it 41% lighter than the Ronin-S. The gimbals payload is 4.4 lbs (1.99 kg) making a complete camera package under 7 lbs (3.17kg) much more manageable to operate.

The Ronin-SC has a runtime of approximately 11 hours.

While being lighter and smaller is great the Ronin-SC also has some new features.

New Features

Screen Shot 2019 07 17 at 11 08 20 pm
When the Battery Grip is removed, the whole gimbal is very compact.

DJI took feedback from Ronin-S users, the Ronin-SC offers new design features including axis locks on all three axes (pan, tilt and roll) which makes balancing the camera simplified as well as helping during transportation. Additionally, the Ronin-SC features a new position lock system. Once the gimbal is balanced, the time it takes to remount the camera and start working is mere seconds, saving time during shoots. Similarly to the Ronin-S, users can control the gimbal movement with the joystick and access different modes and gimbal settings with the use of the Mode (M) button and the front trigger button.

The new Ronin-SC isn’t compatible with existing Ronin-S hardware. For example, the Ronin-SC Camera Quick-Release Plate is not compatible with Ronin-S.

Intelligent Modes

Ronin SC Controler

The Ronin-SC features a host of intelligent modes. Using the redesigned Ronin app, users can set up to 3 different custom profiles, adjust various settings such as motor output and even run balance tests to ensure that the camera system is properly setup. The 360-degree roll movement can be saved in one of the custom profiles by simply selecting it in the app and for fast-paced scenes, Sport mode, which increases the response speed of the gimbal, is easily accessed by holding the Mode (M) button. The Ronin-SC offers the same modes as Ronin-S but with several new additions.

Force Mobile

Ronin SC Force

The new Force Mobile, similar to Force Pro, conveniently synchronizes the movement of your connected mobile device with the Ronin-SC gimbal.

Ronin SC Force app

Users can now operate gimbal movements at a max distance of 82 feet using the new Bluetooth 5.0 connection. For now, Force Mobile is only available on iOS.

ActiveTrack 3.0

Ronin SC Active Track

Using a mobile device, Ronin-SC users can select a subject for the gimbal to accurately follow. The new algorithms include deep learning and optimized calculations for human figures.

Ronin SC app

Similar to the technology found in some DJI drones and the Osmo Series, ActiveTrack 3.0 uses the mobile phone’s camera view and sends this information to the Ronin-SC. Users can mount the mobile phone to the top of the camera’s hot shoe with the included phone holder mount, open the Ronin app and select the subject to follow automatically.

Ronin-SC Key features

  • Virtual Joystick: Control gimbal movement remotely using the virtual joystick, ideal for when Ronin-SC is on a tripod or monopod.
  • TimeLapse: Create compelling TimeLapse content, adjusting settings including interval, clips and frames per second.
  • Motionlapse: Add the element of motion to your TimeLapse.
  • Motion Control: Set unique movement paths with Motion Control by selecting up to 10 different points.
  • Panorama: Automatically capture panoramas in multiple rows or columns.

A wide array of camera compatibility and accessories

The Ronin-SC was created to work seamlessly with popular mirrorless camera systems on the market. A full list of compatibility can be found on the DJI Ronin-SC website.

The chart not only lists functional compatibilities but mechanical capabilities.

Screen Shot 2019 07 17 at 11 10 47 pm
Click to view the full compatability chart

Additionally, the Ronin-SC is compatible with a variety of DJI accessories including a new, lighter & smaller external focus motor, Command Unit, DJI Force Pro, DJI Master Wheels, and some third-party accessories. The Ronin-SC Focus Motor is only compatible with Ronin-SC, it doesn’t work with the Ronin-S.

Detailed information on compatible accessories can be found at https://store.dji.com/category/ronin-sc-and-accessories.

Pricing and Availability

Ronin SC Loaded Kit

The Ronin-SC will be available for purchase at www.dji.com, flagship stores, and retail partners today. Customers can choose between the Ronin-SC Standard, which includes the essentials to get you up and running or the or the Ronin-SC Pro Combo, which adds the focus wheel along with the external focus motor and the Remote Start Stop (RSS) Splitter.

Ronin SC

Ronin-SC – $439 USD – In stock now
Ronin-SC Pro Combo – $539 USD – Coming Soon

The Ronin-SC comes with quite a few accessories in the box, including the Phone Holder and Extended Grip/Tripod. If you don’t want to go for the combo, you can add the Focus wheel & motor separately. Just like the Ronin-S, there is also a command unit available.

No pricing has been specified for the individual accessories yet.

For comparison, the older Zhiyun-Tech Crane 2 is now available for $499, weighs 1.25kg (2.7 lb) and a max payload of 3.2kg (7 lb).

DJI Care Refresh

DJI Care Refresh is also available for Ronin-SC. For an additional $49 USD, DJI Care Refresh offers comprehensive coverage as well as up to two replacement units within one year. DJI Care Refresh also includes VIP after-sales support and free two-way shipping. For a full list of details visit https://www.dji.com/service/djicare-refresh.

Ronin SC shooting one handed

The new Ronin SC looks like a well thought out single-handed gimbal that will meet the needs of the mirrorless shooter that doesn’t want to work with heavier cameras. I reviewed the original Ronin-S and yes it’s a workout to use. however, the gimbal performs very well. I should have a demo in for full review soon so keep an eye out for it here on Newsshooter.

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