Premiere Pro version 13.1.3

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I’m not sure what is going on over at Adobe. They have released yet another update for Premiere Pro, version 13.1.3.

The issues fixed in 13.1.3 include launching the application, scrubbing the timeline, and opening older projects. The fact that Adobe has to release an update to fix something as simple as launching the application is a worry.

As well as a ton of supposed fixes for Premiere Pro, the program also gets some new features.

New Features

  • Better HEVC performance on Mac
  • Multichannel audio mixing improvements allowing for up/down mixing of 5.1 <-> stereo using the Channel Mixer effect. For more information, see Audio effects and transitions.
  • More flexibility for caption file exports
  • Graphics layers are now in the same order in the Essential Graphics panel and the Effects Control panel
  • Warp stabilizer improvements that make it easy to clean up handheld footage from different cameras or fine-tune camera shake to match your creative intent. Comprehensive refinements make the Warp Stabilizer workflow more powerful and much faster.
  • This release of Premiere Pro removes support for importing MKV formats.

Below is the massive list of all of the fixes that come with 13.1.3.

AAF exports

Premiere Pro 13.1.3 fixes a critical issue with AAF exports from Premiere Pro where some source media associated with XMP may be deleted after rendering. This issue only occurs in versions 13.1, 13.1.1 and 13.1.2 of Premiere Pro.

Improved stability in the following areas

  • Launching the application
  • Running the tutorial
  • Opening older projects
  • GPU drivers
  • Adjusting scale
  • Adjusting keyframe values
  • Scrubbing the timeline
  • Modifying speed with nested sequences
  • Caption workflows
  • File format support
  • Freeform mode
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • 3rd party support

Audio Fixes

  • Optimizations to reduce noise output from MacBook Pro 2018
  • Stretched clips are not triggering Auto-ducking in Essential Sound Panel
  • Effects setting not being retained when “Maintain Pitch” is turned on when stretching
  • Channel Mixer missing on stereo tracks and unavailable on stereo clips
  • Multi-channel sequence turns mute when switching to another sequence
  • Speed / Duration “Reverse Speed” and “Maintain Audio Pitch” previews in silent
  • Timeline and source sequence solo state do not match
  • Playing audio files in reverse can cause buzzing if clips are not 48k or 96k
  • Added a default preset for “Multiband Compressor”.
  • Buzzing on audio transition when clips are remapped
  • When channels are modified, fades are not working properly
  • Scrubbing will ignore soloed channels in the meters panel
  • Multi-channel: 3rd party effects are being instantiated as mono on adaptive tracks
  • Channel monitoring settings are lost when toggling between several sequences
  • Captions


  • White OP-47 Captions turn Yellow on export to embedded OP-47 captions
  • Export of Caption Background Colors for STL export
  • Long Teletext captions are imported incorrectly
  • Line Spacing from Captions Import Settings is not used at STL import
  • Resizing Caption block can cause buttons to draw over each other
  • Improve handling of text styling correctly at SRT export
  • Added control line height control in caption preferences
  • Handle the line spacing correctly for free positioned lines
  • Display of styles may be incorrect after STL import
  • Handle nested tags correctly at STL import


  • When capturing DPX clip with AJA, timecode is incorrect and has the wrong format
  • HEIF image not showing the thumbnail correctly
  • RED file LUT colors are not reflected in thumbnails
  • Prores 422 HQ files has significant black/white levels difference on Windows
  • Lumetri scope is showing many black bars for HEVC HDR image on Windows
  • Some MPEG-4 AV file import as Audio only file
  • Improved ProRes 4444 performance
  • Effects and Editing

Effects and Editing

  • Added support for scaled clips with matching aspect ratios for Warp Stabilizer
  • If a speed change is applied in the project panel, it changes time remapping values
  • Force Touch and drag on transitions will cause the mouse cursor to disappear until restart
  • Multi-cams do not contain a description or comment metadata tags in xml
  • Cannot drag keyframes in color wheels section and HLS Secondaries
  • Morph Cut Analysis Banner does not disappear
  • Scrubbing past end of clip will flash an upside-down frame on Metal
  • Direct manipulation of video effects fails on Mac if you Control click on a control point
  • Dip to Black and Dip to White transitions do not allow Copy/Paste
  • Flattening a multicam with Time Remapping results in wrong keyframes when speed is applied
  • Find dialog doesn’t find any results while in Freeform view
  • Can’t apply effects to a group selection in Freeform view
  • Transmit output to 2nd (primary) monitor doesn’t work if Premiere is running on a secondary monitor. Preference cannot be set.
  • Improved behavior when switching workspaces
  • Render and Export

Render and Export

  • Color shift when exporting to YUV formats
  • Program monitor can go black when applying Lumetri to nested Sequence
  • Reduced instances where macro-blocking can occur when exporting
  • Black spots appearing for high luminosity areas such as sun, with Software renderer
  • Render and replace drop frame clips results in non-drop rendered files

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