New Luxli Composer App

The new Luxli Composer is a complete overhaul of the companies iOS and Android app for their Timpani, Viola 2, and Cello lights.

I’m a big fan of the Luxli lights. I reviewed their Timpani 1×1 RGBAW last year and I was very impressed with the fixtures vast array of features, build quality, color accuracy, and color rendering.

From the design to the LCD screen, to the eye-dropper color picker, Luxli was doing things that no other manufacturer was especially in a sub $1,000 USD light.

I honestly don’t think I have come across a better bang for your buck lighting fixture than the Luxli Timpani 1×1 RGBAW. It certainly ticks so many boxes and it redefined what you should expect in a light for under $1,000 USD.

Composer App

One of the stand out features of the Timpani was the Composer app. It had an amazing feature set and allowed you to do things that weren’t possible on any other light.

Screen Shot 2019 07 04 at 9 38 46 AM
Screen Shot 2019 07 04 at 9 38 54 AM

Well, Luxli decided that it could be improved. Not only was it improved, but they have actually redesigned the entire app.

So what is new? You can now control multiple lights from afar, access new app-only effects, and create sequences of effects and lights across the entire Luxli orchestra

New features

  • Improved stability and better performance
  • Control your lights individually, or effortlessly set up custom groups.
  • Connect only to the lights you want to connect to using the improved connection system
  • See all the crucial information, such as the physical temperature, battery life,
    and voltage of connected lights
  • Control and customize all ten built-in Luxli effects
  • New “App Effects” mode, featuring TV and Bad Fluorescent
  • Use your devices built-in camera to sample different colors without taking a picture
  • Save and select presets of any setting
  • Create sequences of presets
  • Custom naming lights
  • Displaying all the crucial information—such as the physical temperature, battery life, and firmware version—of connected lights
  • Mix the ratio of brightness for all connected lights
New Luxli Composer App

Camera mode replaces the “Color Picker” mode on the previous app. To capture a color from a photo, tap the screen, and it that color will be recreated on the active light or group. You can save the color using
the save icon on the top right.

New Luxli Composer App

Lighting Control Modes: Sequence Mode. This is a new mode for the Luxli Composer. This allows you to take any of your saved settings and place them in a timeline, much like a DMX board. This mode also allows you to set the timing, order, and target for each effect.

IMG 4310

The Composer app also features a new “App Effects” mode. Currently, there are two effects available, Television and Bad Fluorescent. These new effects are only accessible while connected to the app and cannot be saved on the lights like the original effects mode.

Download Links

New Luxli Composer App

IOS Store


Android Store


Firmware Download Links

Below you can find links to update firmware for your Luxli light.

The new Luxli Composer app is very easy to use and most importantly it’s intuitive. In my own personal opinion, if you you are going to use any type of app for lighting control it has to be efficient. If I can’t use an app to make a change on a light in less time than it takes me to walk over to a fixture and do it manually then there is zero point in using it.

The Luxli Composer app is really quick to use and if you have multiple Luxli lights and you are working as a solo shooter or in a small crew, it can save you a ton of time when you are making adjustments.

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