Really Right Stuff MC-43 & FH-7240 Tripod System

Really Right Stuff was showing their MC-43 and FH-7240 Tripod System at Cinegear 2019.

The MC-43 and FH-7240 are designed exclusively for cinema and video professionals who are looking for an alternative to systems from Sachtler and O’Connor.

Really Right Stuff has tried to combine the feel of an old cinema tripod, but with the added benefits of modern technology.

Really Right Stuff MC-43 & FH-7240 Tripod System

The FH-7240 is designed for ENG style and larger digital cinema cameras. It has been optimized for loads of 28lbs at 6″, and it is claimed that the FH-7240 has less than 3% counterbalance error through the entire +/- 90° tilt range. A higher load capacity can be achieved with reduced articulation and accuracy (up to 37 lb @ 6″, +/-78 deg).

A bubble level illuminates with a red LED at the push of a button and will shut off automatically after 15 seconds.

Ergonomic features include a lock and crank counterbalance adjustment and easy to operate damping selection. The safety release protects the camera rig from accidentally sliding off the head. At around only 8lbs, the FH-7240 is lightweight without sacrificing fluid motion.

Really Right Stuff MC-43 & FH-7240 Tripod System

There are 7 damping settings (+ off) that give the user increased flexibility and range of use. Discrete settings provide fast and consistent adjustment, making the process of setup and balance easier and more accurate. The new fluid used is claimed to provide more consistent performance throughout the recommended temperature range and is classified as a sheer-thinning fluid, which allows for whip-pans at high damping settings without transferring excessive torque to the tripod.

Really Right Stuff MC-43 & FH-7240 Tripod System

High-load disk brakes for both pan and tilt axes can be released with a pinch of the left hand. All damping and counterbalance adjustments are also done by the left hand, this allows your right hand to maintain a comfortable grasp on the new telescoping control arm.

There is also stainless steel, user-replaceable Arri-compatible rosettes to position your control arm exactly where you want it. A second rosette on the left side of the head can be used for left-handed operators, a second control arm, or other Arri-compatible accessories. The control arm features a carbon fiber extension tube rubber grip.

Also on the tripod head is a flip out crank lever so that you can make speed adjustments of the counter-torque setting or leave it collapsed for fine tuning.

Really Right Stuff MC-43 & FH-7240 Tripod System

The RRS dovetail lever clamp features an all-new auto-close function, which allows for hands-free top-load securing of your camera. This allows you to lock the tilt axis level, open the lever, cock the jaw, and snap your camera into place.

A safety lock prevents accidental opening of the lever and can be locked in place to prevent tampering with a small cotter pin or pad lock. The clamp is compatible with all RRS-compatible dovetails, which allows users to switch between quick release plates as you move your equipment between different tripods and mounts.

Price & Availability

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The FH-7240 is now available to pre-order for $5,800.00 USD. The MC-43 legs will be available in around 3 months time for around $3,000 USD.

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