Wooden Camera Director’s Monitor V3 First Look

At Cine Gear Expo LA 2019, Wooden Camera was showing the third version of their Director’s Monitor Cage which is now 33% lighter than the previous version. It retails for $299 USD for the single monitor version and $599 for the dual version.

wooden camera directors cage v3IMG 3413
Now 33% lighter

Compatible with any monitor up to 9″, attaching via the top, bottom or rear 1/4″-20 mounting points. It can be used with the included neck strap or placed on a stand with the integrated baby pin receiver.

Carbon Fibre Rods

The cage uses carbon fibre parts to make it 33% lighter compared to the V2 cage.

wooden camera directors cage v3IMG 3418

Easy Access

The cage has a rear swinging bracket which can be used to mount a wireless receiver and battery mount. It can be swung away to either direction by releasing the lock on the opposite side. Even if you had a newer SmallHD Bolt type monitor, the cage could still be useful to use for the handgrips, baby pin receiver and battery mounts.

wooden camera directors cage v3IMG 3419
The rear panel can be swung away on either side

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