Stream Deck gets super sized with the XL

The Stream Deck is a versatile tool that is used in many applications, from live production, streaming and post-production.

It is a completely customisable interface that consists of LCD keys which can be mapped and programmed for a wide range of functions. The current Stream Deck has 15 buttons, and the Mini had six. Many users wanted an even larger version and now Elgato has delivered with the Stream Deck XL.

32 Customisable LCD Keys

The Stream Deck XL has an 8 x 4 grid of LCD keys. Each key can be set with static or dynamic icons, providing instant visual feedback with a tactile button.

Using the Stream Deck app, you can assign each key to your liking. Keys can also be set to house folders to house even more actions inside. It’s essentially just like your smart phone home screen. You can even create your own icons with the Key Creator.

Per Application Settings

The Stream Deck also has the capabilities for buttons to be mapped to specific applications. This means that you can utilise all of the keys for each application, automatically switching presets for each program.

Macros can also be recorded to keys, triggering a sequence of actions simultaneously or delayed by intervals.

The physical unit is quite simple, following the same style as the previous models. To connect to a computer, it has a USB Type-C connection. The Stream Deck XL also includes a magnetic stand to prop the panel up. Without the stand, it still features a slanted design for ergonomics.

stream deck xl side 1
The Stream Deck XL on the magnetic stand

Bitfocus Companion

To add even more versatility and power to the Stream Deck, you can use the free, open source Companion app by Bitfocus, which adds support for switchers, video playback software and broadcast equipment.

Key features

  • Button designer – Either with colored text or upload your own images
  • Feedback – Devices can give feedback to buttons to display state
  • Stacked actions – Run multiple actions from the same button
  • Delayed actions – Set delay time individually for each action
  • Multi device – Have multiple stream decks connected at once
  • Web admin – Configure the system from any browser in the network
  • Web buttons – Virtual web buttons for mobile/tablet/browser
  • Latching – Separate actions for key down and up, and ability to latch/toggle
  • Streamdeck Plugin – Use companion buttons in the native stream deck application

There is too many to list here, but some of the supported applications include Blackmagic ATEM devices, Countdown Timer, GrandMA2 lighting panels, MagicQ, ProPresenter, Behringer X32 & much more. Visit the Companion website to view the full list.

You will just need to wait for Companion 2.0 to release shortly which will have support for the Stream Deck XL. There is an active Companion User Group for more feedback.

Pricing & Availability

The Stream Deck XL will retail for $249.95 USD.

The smaller Stream Deck is $149.95 & the Stream Deck Mini is $89.95 USD.

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