Panavision LCND, 6 Stops in 1 Filter

Panavision first announced the LCND (Liquid Crystal ND) at Cine Gear 2018 and is now saying that it is available. Before you get excited, being a Panavision item, it will most likely be rental only.

From the first preview shown last year, it looks like they have got the control panel to be much more compact. You can check out the video they released last year as a comparison.

The first preview of the LCND in 2018

The LCND is an electronic ND that uses an electrical charge to adjust the density of the filter. Because of this, it does mean that it does require power so it has an internal battery. No word on the type/runtime of the internal battery and how it is charged.

panavision lcnd2
The LCND offers 6 stops of ND

The LCND can be operated standalone, as well as in conjunction with a Preston FIZ to be operated wirelessly.

panavision lcnd3

The control interface features two buttons as well as scroll wheel to adjust the ND.

While it is a 4×5.65″ filter, you won’t be able to drop it into any matte box since the control hardware is on the side. You will need to use a Panavision matte box with side loading capabilities.

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