KineOS 6.2 Firmware Now Available for TERRA 4K adding new frame rates

terra4k leica2 fhd

Kinefinity announced and released the KineOS 6.2 firmware update a month ago but at the time, only the download for the MAVO LF & MAVO was available. It is now available for the TERRA 4K.

New TERRA 4K Frame Rates

terra4k leica fhd

KineOS 6.2 adds a number of performance improvements for the TERRA 4K, increasing the max frame rate when shooting 4K from 100fps to 160fps, and 220 fps to 320fps when shooting in 2K. It’s great to see the company still implementing updates for their older models and not just the newer MAVO cameras.

New terra 4k frame rates

  • Open Gate: 4096×2700, 100fps;
  • 4K&4K HD: 4096×2160/3840×2160, 125fps;
  • 4K Wide: 4096×1720, 150fps;
  • 4K HD Wide: 3840×1600, 160fps;
  • 3K: 3072×1620, 160fps;
  • 3K Wide: 3072×1200, 200fps;
  • 2K&FHD: 2048×1080/1920×1080: 240fps;
  • 2K Wide: 2048×860: 300fps;
  • FHD Wide: 1920×800: 320fps.

KineOS 6.2 is available to download from the Kinefinity Website.

The TERRA 4K Basic Package retails for $5,499 and the TERRA 4K Pro for $6,999 USD.

If you’re interested in the camera, you should check out the Kinefinity Cinema Camera Facebook group.

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