Teradek Bolt for Sony VENICE now shipping

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The purpose made Bolt for Sony VENICE is Teradek’s latest wireless video module designed to integrate with directly with the camera. It’s available in 500, 1000, and 3000 ft. ranges and is now shipping.

Teradek Bolt for Sony VENICE now available

The module mounts directly to the rear of the Sony VENICE and offers a streamlined solution for integrating high-performance wireless video without extraneous cables.

Teradek Bolt for Sony VENICE now available

The Bolt for Sony VENICE is compatible with the Bolt XT, Bolt LT, 703 Bolt, FOCUS Bolt RX, Cine 7 RX, and all third-generation Bolt systems. The module passes data, audio and video via the camera’s rear 144-pin connector, eliminating clunky power and video cables while ensuring data path integrity from camera to other accessories such as the AXS-R7 recording module.

Teradek Bolt for Sony VENICE now available

To save power, the device can be switched off without interrupting the signal path going through to the recorder module. The device also powers on & off automatically with the VENICE camera.

Like Teradek’s high-end Bolt XT line, the Bolt for Sony VENICE can multicast to up to 4 receivers and works with Teradek’s proprietary software utilities on supported Bolt receivers. The system also has features such as manual
frequency selection, 3D LUT engine, and a 5GHz spectrum analyzer to keep an eye on interference on set.


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