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RØDECaster Pro v1.2.0 adds Multitrack to microSD & more

Last month, RØDE released the v1.1.0 firmware update for the RØDECaster Pro which added multitrack recording via USB. In today’s v1.2.0 release, multitrack recording can now be recorded internally to a MicroSD card.

What’s New

  • Multitrack recording to the on-board microSD card: polyWAV file format, stereo live mix + individual sources
  • Updated companion app: offering more user-friendly file handling
  • The option to pause during a recording
  • Updated colour-coding on the record button: green – armed, red – recording, amber – paused.

How does Multritrack to MicroSD work?

The RØDECaster Pro records ‘multichannel’ (multitrack audio) to a polyWAV file. This packages 14 tracks into a single file that includes:

  • A stereo ‘live mix’ track
  • A mono track for each of the 4 microphone inputs
  • Stereo tracks for the USB, 3.5mm TRRS, Bluetooth and sound-effects-pad channels.

One thing to take note of is that there is a file size limit to WAV files. Once the RØDECaster Pro hits this file size limit, it will seamlessly create a new file so there are no interruptions to the recordings. It just means you have to join the files together in your DAW.

Since you’re also now recording a number of audio tracks compared to a single stereo track, you will need to make sure your microSD card is fast enough to handle the amount of data. RØDE has a list of recommended microSD cards on their website.

How do you activate it?

Multitrack to SD recording can be activated in the ‘Hardware’ > ‘Advanced’ section of the RØDECaster’s menu, alongside the existing multitrack to USB feature.

Pause Function

Recordings can also now be paused at any time by pressing and holding the record button for two seconds.

Tapping the button will resume the recording, while pressing and holding again will end the recording.

With this change, there is also a new colour code for the record button light.

· Green means the RØDECaster is ready to record
· Red means it is recording
· Flashing amber means it is paused.

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