RED CINE-X Pro out of Beta with NVIDIA Real-time Redcode Decode

REDCINE-X is now finally out of beta with support for real-time redcode decode with compatible NVIDIA hardware.

The partnership between NVIDIA & RED was first announced in October last year.

Below is a keynote with RED President Jarred Land with a demo of native 8K real-time playback.

Before this partnership, all of the decoding was done on the CPU or you had to purchase the very expensive RED Rocket-X ($6,750 USD).

With the new update, the decoding is now passed to the CUDA cores on the GPU. This is a big change to workflows as you now don’t need to convert to proxies every time you want to work on high-resolution video.

Compared to the Rocket-X, even a high-end RTX 2080 Ti graphics card costs around $1,300 USD. Much less than the Rocket-X.

Mac Support?

With Apple not providing drivers for NVIDIA graphics cards in their latest OS X releases, the native 8K playback will only be available on Windows machines.


  • Added: Windows accelerated R3D decompression on supported NVIDIA CUDA GPUs
  • Added: Chroma Noise Reduction in IPP2 (On/Off)
  • Added: Flashing Pixels (Off, Mild, Medium, Strong)
  • Added: Image: Noise Reduction Panel
    • NOTE: Image Noise Reduction features are only available in Full Debayer for the Viewer Window and in Full and Half Premium Debayer for Export
    • NOTE: To add/remove panels, right-click in a panel and select a panel from the drop-down menu.
  • Added: New half resolution premium debayering in IPP2
  • Added: HDR support for select AJA and Blackmagic Design devices
  • Added: Viewer Window IPP2 / Primary Development Only view toggle
  • Added: REDline CDL export
  • Added: REDline Primary Development Only export
  • Added: Monitor Out preferences page
  • Added: Left and Right frame cropping
  • Added: Startup splash screen
  • Enhanced: Cleaned up the default REDCINE-X Pro Home Page
  • Enhanced: ProRes 4444 XQ no longer restricted to just log output
  • Enhanced: ProRes encoder now sets Rec.2020 and HDR-2084 metadata
  • Enhanced: Creative 3D LUT ALT-key Preview mode lock
  • Fixed: RMD file Creative 3D LUT fixes
  • Fixed: Marker loading issues

NVIDIA also had a demonstration at CES 2019 showing the difference between decoding via the CPU and GPU.

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