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The T-stop Inn is a new podcast by Ben Allan ACS CSI. It is a series of relaxed conversations between Ben and some of the most interesting people in the industry.

Unlike most podcasts the first season of T-stop Inn has been released all at once Netflix style!

Below you can listen to all the episodes.

Sean Dooley – ARRI Alexa Mini LF

ARRI’s Sean Dooley takes us deep into the workings of the newly announced Alexa Mini LF and what to expect from the camera that so many cinematographers have been waiting for.

Nicola Daley ACS – Shaping The Light

Nicola Daley ACS is the 8th woman ever to be accredited by the Australian Cinematographers Society and talks about making the move from documentaries to features and then to TV drama and working in Australia as well as back home in the UK. She also discusses techniques she’s been using like creating stylised color looks using old color correction filters like the 80A and 85 and why she prefers this to creating the look in post.

Simon Raby NZCS – Big Pictures

Simon Raby NZCS talks about his amazing career and his role as President of the New Zealand Cinematographers Society. With a background in low budget local films, Simon was catapulted into big movies shooting 2nd Unit for Andrew Lesnie ACS ASC on the “Lord Of The Rings” Trilogy. He recently shot the complex VFX blockbuster “Mortal Engines” and talks through the techniques and approach he uses and how he works with the VFX and Post Production teams to get the look right.

Frieder Hochheim – Kino Flo & Color Science

Frieder Hochheim changed what was possible for cinematographers to achieve when he created the Kino Flo fluorescent lights which finally made it possible to work quickly and in tight spaces with beautiful soft light. He worked closely with color scientists at Kodak to solve the complex problems with the way that the color spectrum output by traditional fluoro lights was captured by film. He’s now using the same rigorous science to solve the challenges of how the spectral response of various digital cameras and different LED lights can produce unpredictable color results. In the process, he’s discovered some game-changing things about LED lights and digital cameras.

Tom Gleeson – The Technology Journey

Tom Gleeson started in the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s legendary training program, one that produced many of Australia’s most successful cinematographers. The technical knowledge Tom accumulated there gave him an edge when he went freelance and he has managed to stay ahead of the curve with technology ever since. We talk through the journey from film and analogue tape to digital and then the technical revolution that has happened over the last decade and where things will be going next.

Clara Chong – Directors & Cinematographers

Clara Chong is a director with over 25 years experience across TV Commercials, Documentaries and Drama. She discusses the relationship between director and cinematographer as well as the role of the director and how she uses technology to be better prepared and more efficient on set.

Matthew Allard ACS – Pre NAB 2019

Matthew Allard ACS is a brilliant cinematographer but he’s also a founder of NewsShooter.com and he joins us en-route to NAB 2019 to talk through what we should all be looking out for this year.

Shane Mario Ruggieri CSI – HDR & New Colors To See

Shane Mario Ruggieri is the in house colorist at Dolby Laboratories in California. He’s one of the world’s most knowledgable people on the subject of High Dynamic Range. Shane speaks passionately about the technology and its creative potential.

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