Deity W.Lav microphones

Deity’s new W.Lav microphones are available in three different versions and are designed to work with a wide variety of transmission systems.

One capsule, three models

The first model is the W.Lav, designed for use where it’s not important whether you can see the mic or not – for ENG or documentary interviews for example. It has a black metal capsule housing and is tonally the warmest sounding of the three mics in the range.

The W.Lav Pro is smaller at 4mm long and features an IP57 rating for water resistance.

The W.Lav Micro is smaller again at just 3mm long and is designed to be hidden under clothes. To that end the capsule has a special tube that accentuates high frequencies to correct for any muffling once it’s hidden.

All three versions of the W.Lav use the same capsule to make cutting between them in post as seamless as possible. They also have a 1.8m long cable to help with placing the transmitters.

All mics come with two windscreens, a storage pouch and a microdot connector. This can be terminated in a 3.5mm jack for Sennheiser and Rodelink (though not Sony at the moment as the wiring is different), TA5 connectors for Lectrosonics, and TA5 for Shure.

W.Lav microphones price and availability

Deity Lavs three

The W.Lav range is available to order now – the W.Lav will retail for $109-119 US depending on which connector you need. The W.Lav pro will set you back $169-179 US and the W.Lav micro $229-239 US.

Deity connect dual receiver wireless audio

Deity Wireless Connect

We’ve covered Deity’s wireless audio system before – it’s dual channel, uses the 2.4Ghz band with 100mW transmitters that can be adjusted remotely from the receiver.

The receiver is a little larger than other wireless receivers, to allow some physical space between the chips to avoid crosstalk between the two audio channels.

The system comes as a kit of two transmitters and a receiver and should be shipping next week (April 16) for $669 US.

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