Deity microphones Wireless Connect – IBC 2018

Deity microphones have been hard at work since June developing a prototype wireless audio system called Wireless Connect.

The Deity Wireless Connect kit.

The Deity Wireless Connect kit features two transmitters and a single dual channel receiver. The receiver features two antennae for each transmitter – one internal and one external – for a total of four antennae. This is to try and make sure the signal is always as clean as possible regardless of how the unit is oriented.

Rechargeable, USB-C, all-day battery

All three units have an internal battery, charged via a USB-C port on the bottom of the casing. Deity claim a battery life of around 10 hours, and you’ll be able to recharge them via USB quick charge in about an hour. The transmitters, rated at 100mW, are also switchable to lower power modes to increase runtime.

The battery is internal with a claimed runtime of 10 hours. No more fistfuls of AA batteries…

The USB-C port can also carry data, so you’ll be able to update the firmware as and when it becomes available.

Bi-directional control, adaptive frequencies

Deity Wireless Connect uses adaptive frequencies on the 2.4Ghz band and the system is bi-directional, so you can change settings on the transmitters from the receiver. No need to go rustling around in your talent’s pockets to turn up their mic. As well as gain you can add a low cut filter and also a high frequency boost – intended as a solution to muffled lav mics that have been mounted underneath clothing.

The Wireless Connect features a high contrast screen that’s visible in daylight. Settings can be entered into the receiver and beamed to the transmitters remotely.

The system can sync wirelessly or via USB-C cables and the transmitters use a standard 3.5mm locking jack so you can potentially use your existing lav mics as well as Deity’s own models.

The Deity kit uses standard 3.5mm locking microphone connectors.

Size matters

The receiver is a little larger than the transmitters – Deity says this is to allow RF protection internally to reduce crosstalk between the preamps. This isolates the circuits and makes sure there’s no interference between channels. The 3.5mm outputs are balanced for connection to XLR inputs.

Mounting options on the rear of the Deity Wireless Connect receiver.

The receiver itself has both 1/4″ 20 and 3/8 connectors so you can mount to a hotshoe or directly to a camera cage.

Deity claim the system will have a range of around 30m (100ft) indoors and 100m (300ft) outdoors ‘in perfect conditions.’

Deity Wireless Connect price and availability

Deity say they’re aiming to launch the wireless kit ‘in winter or early spring’ for $800 US. The kit will include a receiver, two transmitters and two lavalier microphones.


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