Aputure Spotlight Mount

The Aputure Spotlight Mount is a lighting modifier that attaches to Aputure’s Bowens-compatible fixtures. It allows you to control the light from a COB 120d or COB 300d more like a theatrical Profile or a Leko to get punchy, clean lines and straight edges.

We’ve taken a look at earlier versions of the modifier but this latest revision is nearly ready to ship and looks like it could be a really useful addition to your lighting arsenal.

Modify your modifier

There’s a drop in slot for metal gobos – thin discs with designs punched out of them – that are then projected with clarity and fidelity. You can also shape the light by inserting metal barn doors which will give you a very straight, clean cut edge.

Aputure Spotlight road case
The Aputure Spotlight kit comes in a road case that looks like it’s defying you to scuff it in transit.

To further control the light there’s also a manual metal aperture you can insert to create a very clean spot effect.

The lenses at the front of the unit are interchangeable and come in 19°, 26° and 36° versions, all of which are supplied in a kit along with a case.

Aputure Spotlight Mount price and availability

Aputure hope to be shipping the Spotlight Mount “really soon” at a price of around $499 US.

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