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SmallHD Announces the Cine 7 monitor with Cinema Camera Control and Integrated Teradek Bolt

SmallHD has announced the new Cine 7 monitor platform which features a 1080p display with daylight viewable 1,800 nit display that offers 100% coverage of the DCI-P3 color gamut.

Not only does the Cine 7 have a nice display, but the monitor can also directly control many cinema cameras. On launch, the monitor will be able to control the ARRI Alexa Mini, AMIRA & Mini LF as an optional license ($500), with support coming for RED & Sony later in the year.

Camera Control

Cine 7 ARRI 01

Normally when using the ARRI Alexa Mini or AMIRA, you have to control the camera through the EVF. With the Cine 7, you can make adjustments easily with the monitor, especially when the camera is mounted on a Steadicam, camera car or another rig setup.

The Camera Control Menu appears as an overlay on the video feed once assigned to a Page. Each Page gives the user quick access to sets of tools (framing, exposure, focus, etc). Operators can toggle from Page to Page via the highly responsive touchscreen interface.

The Cine 7 has an ethernet port which is used to communicate with a compatible camera.

Cine 7 ARRI 02

Input & Output

smallhd cine7io

The Cine 7 has dual 3G SDI inputs as well as an HDMI input and loop out. Power is delivered via locking two-pin power connector (10-34V DC, 2A in) or battery bracket using Sony NP-F style batteries. There are also Gold Mount and V-Mount battery plates available separately.

smallhd cine7io2 1

Recently, SmallHD & Teradek announced the new release of Teradek RT real-time lens data overlays which displayed lens focal distance, focal length, iris, zoom and more data on the screen. This is also found on the new Cine 7 monitors.

The Cine 7 is available in four different varieties, including three wireless models with built-in Teradek Bolt technology.

Cine 7 – $1,799 USD
Cine 7 500 TX – $2,749 USD
Cine 7 500 RX – $2,749 USD
Cine 7 Sidekick RX – $3,699
ARRI Camera Control License – $500 USD

Cine 7 begins shipping April 2019.

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