iFootage releases Gazelle ‘Fastbowl’ & ‘Uprise’ Tripods

iFootage has released two new tripods which consists of the Gazelle Uprise & Gazelle Fastbowl. Both models use a 75mm bowl with the Uprise having an extendable center column where the Fastbowl doesn’t but adds rapid fastbowl adjustment in its place.

We’ll be getting a closer look at these new tripods at NAB 2019.

Gazelle Fastbowl

Key features

  • One-touch bowl adjustment
  • Minimum height of just 18cm
  • Maximum working height of 1550mm
  • Three stage leg lock for three set angles
  • 75mm Bowl head
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Gazelle Fastbowl – TA7 – $179 USD
Gazelle Uprise – TC7 – $299 USD

Gazelle Uprise

Key features

  • Two sizes available in either aluminium or carbon fibre
  • Low angle with a minimum height of 195mm, and max height up to 1650mm (4 section)
  • Three stage leg lock for three set angles
  • Underslung capable with a weight hook
  • 75mm swivel bowl head
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Gazelle Uprise – TA6 – $179 USD
Gazelle Uprise – TA5 – $219 USD

Carbon Fiber
Gazelle Uprise – TC6 – $299 USD
Gazelle Uprise – TC5 – $339 USD

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