ARRI WVR-1s Wireless Video Receiver

ARRI WVR-1s Wireless Video Receiver

The WVR-1s is a smaller, lighter-weight counterpart to ARRI’s WVR-1. The WVR-1s can be quickly paired with the ARRI WVS transmitter and has an operational range of up to 150 meters/500 feet. It is easy to incorporate into a battery-powered hand-held viewing set-up.

Key features

  • Small and lightweight
  • Reliable transmission
  • Simple and fast pairing
  • Spray and dust-proof aluminum housing with protective collars for connectors
  • Robust mechanical and electrical interfaces
  • Large temperature range
  • Bespoke battery adapters for V Mount, Gold Mount, Bebob VMICRO or AMICRO
  • Power output to power receiver and monitor from one battery
  • Legal with local certifications

In November of 2018 Vitec, with its brand Teradek, acquired Amimon, the supplier of the video transmission technology inside the Teradek Bolt and ARRI Wireless Video System (WVS).

ARRI and Vitec have teamed up to expand the ARRI WVS product line, with the latest addition, the ARRI WVR-1s.

ARRI WVR-1s Wireless Video Receiver

The ARRI Wireless Video Receiver WVR-1s is designed primarily to allow focus- pullers and directors to remotely monitor footage as it is being captured. The WVR-1s can be quickly paired with the ARRI WVS transmitter and has an operational range of up to 150 meters/500 feet. The WVR-1s is built to ARRI’s high standards with a robust milled aluminum casing.

ARRI WVR-1s Wireless Video Receiver

To increase handheld flexibility and reduce overall weight, it has integrated antennas, battery adapters for micro batteries, and an extra power out for a monitor.

Sample Setups

Here is a sample setup with four cameras:

ARRI WVR-1s Wireless Video Receiver

Between the camera, stand-alone transmitter, receiver, Starlite ARRI-WVS monitor and extensive range of accessories, any set can be made more efficient with the ARRI Wireless Video System. Up to four receivers (either WVR-1, WVR-1s or Starlite ARRI-WVS) can be used per transmitter and four to six transmitter/receiver groups can be used on the same set.

With the backing of ARRI’s global network of service centers, any downtime will be reduced to a minimum, and as the ARRI WVS is fully certified, operators can be confident they are always in compliance with local transmission regulations.

“The ARRI Wireless Video System features are based on many conversations with industry professionals”

Marc Shipman-Mueller, a Camera Systems Product Manager at ARRI

The WVR-1s is part of ARRI’s comprehensive WVS range, which includes both integrated and external transmitters, receivers, monitors, and a wide variety of associated accessories. The first shipments of the new compact receiver WVR- 1s are expected in May 2019.


RangeUp to 150m/ 500ft
Supported Resolution and Frame Rates

1080p: 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 50, 59.94, 60
1080i: 48, 50, 60
1080psf: 23.967 (displayed as 1080i48),
24 (displayed as 1080i48),
25 (displayed as 1080i50),
29.97 (displayed as 1080i60),
30 (displayed as 1080i60)
Delay < 1ms
Encryption128 bit AES encryption
Signal1 x 3G HD-SDI OUT
Power1 x POWER IN DC 10.5 V – 34 V
1 x Interface for WVR-1s Battery Adapter Plates
1 x POWER OUT 12 V
6 W power consumption
Operating Temperature -20 °C to +45 °C / -4 °F to 113 °F
Size and weight95 x 132 x 25 mm / 3.7 x 5.2 x 1 in
380 g / 13.40 oz
Compatible withWireless Video Receiver WVT-1
ARRI WVS transmitters in ALEXA LF and ALEXA SXT W cameras
Software updatesThrough USB plug and ARRI Wireless Video tool software

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