ARRI Digital Camera Showreel 2019 open for submissions


Each year, ARRI cuts together a showreel of some of the best footage shot on ARRI cameras over the year.

You can submit any footage you like as long as it was shot on an ARRI camera, no matter if it’s a documentary, feature, or commercial. There are no restrictions on projects, whether it was a low budget to a blockbuster feature film.

Footage requirements:

The deadline to submit footage is February 24!

Please make sure to provide the following material:
• Original Camera Data (ARRIRAW, ProRes) in LogC
• UHD, ProRes4444, 3840×2160, progressive
• Unencrypted DCPs in 2K or 4K
• Minimum is HD, ProRes422 HQ, 1920×1080 progressive
• No H.264s, no HEVC no other compressed files
• Rights have to be clarified

Once you have gathered your footage, you can submit at

Here’s the 2018 showreel, featuring footage from our very own Matt Allard ACS.

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