KipperTie Smart Cable Wraps Review

KipperTie Smart Cable Wraps are a new take on an old design. Go to any film set or any camera assistant’s kit and you will most likely find a few bongo ties around. They are very useful for keeping cables organized, adaptors in place, and for those times when you need a quick fastening solution if something breaks. Having bongo ties in your bag can be a lifesaver.

So how do you improve on the original?

KipperTie had a look at the BongoTie and said, how can we make this better. If it ain’t broke, don’ fix it, just improve on it. What KipperTie did is just add an anodized aluminum bongo component, instead of using wood or bamboo. The bongo also features a male & female 1/4-20″ thread so that it can also be mounted securely to a camera cage or other accessory, while still maintaining the same original functionality of the BongoTie.


Since KipperTie’s version has a male & female thread, you can also stack them up, creating a chain of ties.

KipperTie Smart Cable Wraps

This is nice as you can use them for securing larger cables that couldn’t be secured with a single Smart cable Wrap.

Build Quality

The KipperTie Smart Cable Wraps are really well made and I like that they have anodized the aluminum component. This makes it very easy to see if you are trying to locate one in a hurry. The material used is 6082 aerospace aluminum and the rubber band is 125mm x 6mm.


The Smart Cable Wrap really is a jack of all trades product. You can literally use them in so many ways. Below you can see some examples of how I use the Smart Cable Wraps.

Attached to a production cart
Securing an audio cable


KipperTie Smart Cable Wraps
As an on-camera light mount


KipperTie Smart Cable Wraps
For securing cables on a camera

KipperTie Smart Cable Wraps

One way I found to use them was to keep a 1/4-20″ to 3/8″ adapter so I wouldn’t lose it.


KipperTie Smart Cable Wraps

The KipperTie Smart Cable Wraps retail for £12 ex. VAT for a pack of five. (~$15 USD). In comparison, a pack of regular BongoTies retails for $6.99 USD for a pack of 10.


KipperTie Smart Cable Wraps

What’s not to like. The KipperTie Smart Cable Wraps reaffirm that old age saying, Sometimes the simple things are the best. I love small products that serve a real-world use. Having a few KipperTie Smart Cable Wraps in your bag means you always have a quick and easy solution for wrapping and organizing cables, with the added benefit of being able to attach them to any product with a 1/4-20″ thread.

How do you use your BongoTies? What do you think of KipperTie’s version?

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