Chimera POP bank Small for Litepanels Astra and other 1×1 Fixtures

Chimera POP bank Small

The Chimera POP bank Small for Litepanels Astra and other 1×1 Fixtures has just been announced. The POP Bank Small expands the range of POP banks for 1×1 fixtures.

The nice aspect about the POP bank Small is that it requires no mounting hardware or frame, and it simply slides over the front of your fixture. This saves a lot of set up time and allows you to get on with shooting without wasting valuable minutes trying to construct and attach a softbox to your fixture.

Chimera POP bank Small

The POP bank Small features an increased front aperture size and the ability to be used both vertically or horizontally. The POP bank Small is lightweight, collapsible and handmade in Colorado. The Pop Bank Small uses Chimera standard small size front screens and increases the aperture of a 1×1 LED panel style fixture to 24” x 32” (607 mm x 83 mm). The POP Bank Small will be sold as a kit, with grid-less front screens in Full and Half, packed in a messenger style kit bag.

The POP bank 1654 is very similar but smaller than Chimera’s 1655 that works with following fixtures:

  • Litepanels Astra 1×1
  • Litepanels Astra Soft
  • Visual Buddha 1×1
  • Zabolight Z1 1×1
  • Intellytech Socanland 1×1
  • Litepanels 1×1 BiFocus
  • Litepanels 1×1 BiColor
  • F&V K4000

Chimera POP bank Small

This newest softbox solution looks like a good option for users of 1×1 panel lights who want a quick, easy, and compact solution for creating a softer source with their fixtures.

Chimera Pop Bank Small at B&H Photo

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