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This little gem2018 was a busy year (like every year) for gear releases. Here at Newsshooter, we saw and reviewed a lot of products. Technology continues to evolve and transform and we saw a lot of very innovative products being released in 2018. While a lot of the products were simply improving on current technology, there was a definite trend in making things smaller and more compact.

Both Matt and Erik have discussed (or was it a heated debate) what products they thought were the best of 2018. Both Erik and Matt will each choose a winner and a runner-up in each category. The criteria are pretty simple, the product had to be released and available to purchase in 2018. If it was announced but has not shipped it doesn’t qualify. If it was announced prior to 2018 but hadn’t been released yet it still qualifies.

Our last and final category is Coolest Product of 2018. Now, this can be anything from any category, and it’s more of a fun pick than anything else. It’s not necessarily the best product, it’s just one that we thought was worth mentioning.

Matt’s Winner

DJI Mavic Pro 2

I was a big fan of the original Mavic Pro, but DJI took it to the next level with the Mavic Pro 2. They basically gave us what we wanted, a higher bitrate, H.265 recording, bigger sensor, and a better camera. They managed to do all of this while keeping the same compact, foldable form factor.

While there are still things that could be improved, it’s incredible to think that you can capture quite unique shots in pretty good quality from a small, foldable drone for under $1,500 USD.

Matt’s Runner-Up

DJI Osmo Pocket

I recently reviewed the DJI Osmo Pocket, and while I didn’t find the image quality to be overly impressive (at least for professional use), its compact form factor more than makes up for it. The ability to put a tiny 3-axis stabilized 4K camera into your pocket (literally) makes the DJI Osmo Pocket worth having.

It’s a great little device for BTS, quick pick up shots, or just to keep in your bag as an emergency camera. For me, its a glimpse into what a more professional version may be capable of. Despite its limitations, I still placed an order for one.

DJI Osmo Pocket hands-on review

Erik’s Winner

PowerBase EDGE V Lock plate on Cheese wide

Core SWX Powerbase EDGE V-Mount Battery

While a battery isn’t very sexy it is cool when it can power your camera for 3.5 hours and supply power to other devices with a D-Tap and USB. Hmmm, maybe that is a little sexy!

I reviewed the Core SWX Powerbase EDGE and found it to be very handy especially with the power-hungry BMD Pocket Cinema Camera 4K. With the QR system built into the battery and a V-Mount option as well the Powerbase EDGE can also be used as a good ole V Mount battery for cameras and lights.

CORE SWX PowerBase EDGE Powers your mirrorless camera & accessories

Erik’s Runner-Up

Insta360 X

Insta360 ONE X

This little gem really took 360 cameras to the next level for consumers. Smooth footage with FlowState Stabilization and the crazy cool way it erases the stick right out of your hand. Yeah, this cam is pretty darn cool and is a lot of fun to use.

While 360 videos are not becoming a professional tool for storytelling they are very popular for us consumers. The Inst360 ONE X with the many different accessories allows for really interesting shots that of course can be used in professional productions.

Feel free to tell us what product you thought was the coolest of 2018 in the comments section below. We would love to hear what our readers think.

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