KIPON 0.7x Baveyes focal reducer for Nikon Z mount & Canon R mount cameras

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Kipon has added new 0.7x Baveyes focal reducers for Nikon Z mount & Canon EOS R-mount cameras. These adapters allow you to use Pentax 645, Pentax 67, MAMIYA 645, and Hasselblad V mount medium format lenses on your Nikon Z6/Z7 or Canon EOS R.

Kipon Baveyes is a lineup of the world’s first lens adapters that allow you to use medium format optics on Sony E, Leica SL, Leica M , Nikon Z, and Canon R 35mm full frame cameras. Kipon claims that they virtually eliminate any crop factor image loss and that they maintain the diagonal angle of view.

There is a 0.7x factor to the original lens focal length with a gain of one stop in lens speed. According to Kipon, the adapters are designed with a five element multicoated formula by German optics research institution.

These new additions to the Baveyes lineup for using medium format lenses on full frame cameras has now increased from 24 to 32 models. As with any mechanical adapter, automatic diaphragm, auto-focusing, and other functions will not work. They can only be used in full manual mode.

Nikon Z-mount and Canon EOS R-mount versions:

Baveyes Pentax645-Nikon Z 0.7x

Baveyes Pentax67-Nikon Z 0.7x

Baveyes MAMIYA645-Nikon Z 0.7x

Baveyes Hasselblad V-Nikon Z 0.7x

Baveyes Hasselblad V-EOS R 0.7x

Baveyes MAMIYA645-EOS R 0.7x

Baveyes Pentax67-EOS R 0.7x

Baveyes Pentax645-EOS R 0.7x

There are plenty of older medium format lenses available on Ebay and from second-hand camera stores. A lot of these lenses offer exceptional image quality, and by combing them with a focal reducer you can use them on your full-frame mirrorless camera. They can also be picked up for relatively little money. The retailer price for these optic focal reducers is $695 USD. They can be found on eBay, and Amazon Japan.

Have you used a focal reducer and medium format lenses on a full-frame mirrorless camera? Let us know in the comments section below.

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