Tilta Cage for the Sony Venice Now Available

VeniceCage 34front 10.5.2018 legacy2

Back in June, at Cinegear 2018, Tilta showed off a number of new cages including a cage for the Sony Venice. The cage is now available for order and is shipping.

The cage consists of a baseplate, top plate, side plate, battery module, and top handle. Multiple ARRI accessory mounts are found throughout the handle and cage as well as a number of power ports for other camera accessories. The cage can output a maximum of 15 amps throughout the entire cage (3 amps per port maximum).


  1. (1) Top Plate + 15mm Rod Adapter
    • (2) 14.8V 2-Pin LEMO Output
    • (2) 14.8V 3-Pin FISCHER Output with R/S Trigger
    • (1) Built-in 3-Pin R/S Trigger Cable (to transfer R/S trigger from camera only; doesn’t transfer power)
  2. (1) Quick Release Top Handle
  3. (1) Recorder Module Extension Top Plate
    1. (1) P-TAP Output
  4. (1) V-Mount or Gold Mount Battery Plate
    • (1) 14.8V 2-Pin LEMO Output
    • (3) 14.8V 3-Pin FISCHER Output with R/S Trigger
    • (1) 12-30V DC Power Input
  5. (1) Venice Side Arm
  6. (1) Venice Lightweight Baseplate
    • Sony VCT Adapter
    • Tilta Standard Adapter
  7.  (1) Baseplate Extension Shoulder Pad
  8. (1) Front Extension Top Handle
  9. (1) Rear Extension Top Handle

For a recap of the Sony Venice cage, skip to 4:50.

The battery plates are available in two different versions. One of the versions is designed for use without the AXS-R7 recorder with angled ports so they don’t block the output ports of the camera. If you are using the AXS-R7 recorder, the power ports on the battery plate are side facing. All of the images shown on the website and this post show the side-facing version.

When using the AXS-R7 recorder, an extension piece can be mounted to the top plate so the battery plate can be mounted behind the recorder. This piece also provides an additional P-tap port.

The top plate features a built-in 3-pin cable that can be connected to the Sony Venice for R/S functionality for all of the cages 3-pin R/S ports.

The top plate also provides two 15mm LWS rod mounts for mounting the EVF. Also found on the top plate is a quick release mount for the Top Handle.  Shown in the photos are the optional top handle extensions that can extend over the back of the battery plate.

The baseplate features a built-in shoulder pad and is compatible with Tilta-standard dovetails. An optional Tilta-standard to Arri-standard baseplate can be attached to allow you to use Arri-standard dovetails.

The Sony Cage solution from Tilta retails for $1,999 USD and is available in both V-Mount or Gold-Mount and comes with the 15mm LWS baseplate. Multifunctional 15mm & 19mm Studio baseplates and 12″ dovetails can be bundled together for $2,699 USD.

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