ABT Cine & Hanse Inno Tech Speedmount for DSMC2 Focal Reducer

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With the recent influx of full frame lenses entering the market, a few years ago, ABT Cine & Hanse Inno Tech started working on a focal reducer solution which would be able to harness these new optics with S35 sensor cameras. We first saw a demo of the Speedmount EF for DSMC2 back in IBC 2017.

The new Speedmount EF & Speedmount PL focal length reducers are now set to ship with the PL version shipping in 1-2 weeks and the EF mount in 3-4 weeks.


  • The SpeedMount reduces the full frame (43.3mm) image circle to S35 format (x0.72) while speeding up the lens for nearly one f-stop.
  • The new image circle covers 7K WS / 7K HD Helium and 5K WS / 5K HD Dragon.
  • Positive lock to securely mount your lenses.
  • Original RED VV OLPF with custom holder included (you can choose between RED’s “Skin Tone / Highlight”, “Standard” and “Low Light”).
  • No modifications to your DSMC2 camera needed. Easy to swap with your regular DSMC2 mounts and OLPFs.
  • Black anodized aluminium body.

The good thing about the mounts is that it doesn’t modify your DSMC2 camera in any way and is just a mount swap. It also features a standard RED VV OLPF which can be changed to the other OLPF types. Image stabilisation will also work with compatible EF lenses.

So what’s my focal length?

Both the Speedmount EF & PL reduce the focal length by 0.72x. When using a full frame lens on an S35 sensor, the crop factor is 1.5x, so if you were using the Tokina 18mm T1.5 Vista Cinema Prime which we reviewed last week, your focal length would become equivalent to 27mm on full frame. With the Speedmount, you then reduce the focal length by 0.72x which now gives you a full frame equivalent focal length of 19.44mm. In addition to this, the lens mounts also provide you with nearly one extra full f-stop, making it around T1.1.

Now, that is a simplified calculation which uses the full S35 sensor. Because your crop factor will be dependent on what resolution and frame rates you are shooting at, you will need to recalculate to your settings. RED has a crop factor tool which tells you the crop factor and equivalent focal length based on your camera & shooting resolutions.

These mounts don’t come cheap though.

Speedmount PL DSMC2 – 2.745,00 € (3.266,55 € incl. 19% VAT) ~ $3,150 USD
Speedmount EF DSMC2 – 3.495,00 € (4.159,05 € incl. 19% VAT) ~ $4,000 USD

As a comparison, the standard DSMC2 S35 canon mount Aluminium is $700 USD and $2000 for the Titanium version.

At IBC, they ABT Cine mentioned that they are looking at similar solutions for other cameras like the Alexa Mini.


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