iOgrapher Multi Case for Mobile Filmmaking

The iOgrapher Multi Case for Mobile Filmmaking has been designed for mobile filmmakers to support recent model iOS and Android mobile phones of all sizes. iOgrapher was a very early pioneer in mobile filmmaking, and they made a range of solutions, from simple cases, all the way up to full kits.

Their latest product, the Multi Case for Mobile Filmmaking, will accept just about any phone that is out there on the market right now. With phone models coming out so rapidly, iOgrapher wanted to make sure they designed a case that works with not only today’s current crop of smartphones but also with new devices that might come out in the future.

The Multi Case for Mobile Filmmaking will also hold smartphones that are in cases. Now, this won’t work with every type of case, but it will work with quite a lot of the options that are out there on the market. The case has quite a few 1/4 20″ mounting points for accessories and attaching to tripods or other devices. It also allows you to mount your phone vertically if you need to shoot that way.

The case will also let users of the Moment Lenses keep the lens attachment on the camera and there is plenty of room for attaching microphones and other accessories through headphone jacks, and USB-C and lighting connectors.

Main features

Slide in function for a strong and secure fit;
The ability to attach lighting and mics for higher quality mobile video production;
Flexible mount options for any standard tripod in landscape or portrait mode;
¼ 20” screw mounts on handles to attach accessories;
Standard protective cases for your phone can be used – filmmakers no longer need to remove protective cases to use the iOgrapher Multi Case;
Works with Moment Lenses: users do not need to remove Moment Lens cases or lenses to use the iOgrapher Multi Case;
Designed to work with iPhone 6 and later models, and has been tested to work with popular Samsung, Google Pixel, LG and Motorola phones.



Mobile filmmaking is becoming more and more popular due to the continued improvement of smartphone cameras and video functionality. While a smartphone can never really replace a proper video camera there are lots of instances where they can be used to obtain very good results. With RED’s HYDROGEN and new smartphones from Apple and Samsung, we are very likely to see mobile devices getting closer to becoming fully fledged alternatives to small mirrorless cameras in the future. In my opinion, that is still quite a few years off, but RED’s HYDROGEN will eventually have modules that will turn the phone into a mini digital cinema camera.

Pricing and Availability

The iOgrapher Multi Case is available today for pre-order and is priced at $79.00 USD. The iOgrapher Multi Case will ship at the end of November, 2018. For more information, or to order a Multi Case, you can go to https://www.iographer.com/collections/cases-for-iphone/products/multi-case.

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