RED DSMC2 BETA V7.1 now available to everyone

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RED’s DSMC2 BETA V7.1 firmware was only available to select number of beta testers, but now the company has made it available for anyone to download.

DSMC2 BETA V7.1 adds a host of new features to a range of RED cameras. Probably the biggest additions are 5K 4:3 and 5K 4:3 2x anamorphic support for the EPIC-W 8K S35, DSMC2 5K S35, DSMC2 8K S35, and DSMC2 8K VV. There are also lots of added lens support updates including, Zeiss XD lens metadata support, Sigma Art lens for Nikon support, Sigma lens firmware v2.0.1 support, and Sigma 50-100mm F1.8 DC HSM Art Lens for Canon support.

If you happen to be a RED RAVEN owner that camera gets support for Avid DNxHD/HR HQ,  Avid DNxHD/HR SQ, R3D + DNxHD/HR HQ, and R3D + DNxHD/HR SQ codec recording.

The feature most RED users seem to be most excited about is the addition of a focus peaking tool, something that is long overdue.

DSMC2 BETA V7.1 firmware features

* Added Sensor Flip/Mirror Scan Direction for DSMC2 MONSTRO 8K VV
* Added 5K 4:3 and 5K 4:3 2x ANA support to EPIC-W 8K S35, DSMC2 5K S35, DSMC2 8K S35 and DSMC2 8K VV
* Added ability to import CDLs, RMDs, and LUTs
* Added focus peaking tool
* Added Hybrid Log-Gamma display preset
* Added User-Defined Voltage Alert
* Added option to select a center mark dot (small/medium + color)
* Added Kippertie ND Lens Mount (KipperTie Revolva) support
* Added 30.00 fps project time base
* Added Teradek Bolt support
* Added Zeiss XD lens metadata support
* Added Sigma Art lens for Nikon support
* Added Sigma lens firmware v2.0.1 support
* Added Sigma 50-100mm F1.8 DC HSM Art Lens for Canon support
* Added Avid DNxHD/HR HQ codec recording standalone option (RED RAVEN)
* Added Avid DNxHD/HR SQ codec recording standalone option (RED RAVEN)
* Added R3D + DNxHD/HR HQ codec recording option (RED RAVEN)
* Added R3D + DNxHD/HR SQ codec recording option (RED RAVEN)
* Fixed vertical lines displayed when changing resolution, magnify or playback with a RED Touch 4.7″ LCD
* Fixed DSMC2 Side Handle lock feature
* Fixed potential errors associated with R3D+ProRes
* Fixed camera freeze when Auto Focus ‘fast’ mode selected
* Fixed Camera Info displayed for Scarlet-W Monochrome
* Fixed DSMC2 Sidekick navigation using vertical spinner
* Fixed Gamma Space preset always defaulting to REDgamma 4
* Fixed incorrect upper status bar aperture values in Playback
* Fixed loss of SYNC OUT after toggling ‘Reduced Judder Preview’
* Fixed monitor artifacts toggling HDRx in 6K 6:5 with Lookaround
* Fixed quick flash on LCD when double-tapping LCD to exit Clean mode
* Fixed camera freeze after loading 3D LUT files
* Fixed slate parameters in playback
* Fixed camera freeze using DSMC2 Side Handle to focus
* Fixed SYNC failure after ‘Genlock’ selected with genlock device connected on startup
* Fixed test audio tone when camera is genlocked
* Fixed tethered REDMOTE detection of lost connection
* Fixed timecode overlay in playback after pressing REC button twice
* Fixed read out-of-focus peaking high contrast edge
* Fixed shutter angle spinner when setting above 90 degrees
* Fixed calibration export for EPIC-W GEMINI 5K S35
* Fixed camera crashing after selecting “Unknown” from search results
* Fixed incorrect f-stop limit displayed for some lenses
* Fixed histogram to display full range in ACES mode
* Fixed Genlock Offset text box to display all characters
* Fixed ISO in RAW mode for GEMINI sensor
* Fixed Yellow Cal indicator in Auto Cal mode
* Fixed split screen on Magnify with 4K FF and Lookaround enabled
* Fixed camera freeze attaching a lens during record
* Fixed intermittent LAN connection on startup
* Fixed focus control using DSMC2 Side Handle
* Fixed ‘Confirm’ style dropdown list in Focus > Mode dialog
* Fixed aperture lockout using a variable aperture zoom lens
* Fixed playback video corruption with 8K 6:5 ANA clip
* Fixed shortcut name of _0 when Settings > Attached Modules is mapped
* Fixed Gamma Space preset defaulting to REDgamma4
* Fixed GEMINI corrupted image in 4.5K 4:1/8:1 with Lookaround enabled
* Fixed inconsistent lens hot swap detection
* Fixed blank screen for extended period when loading a large clip in Playback
* Fixed intermittent diagonal tear on RED Touch 4.7″ and RED Touch 7″ LCD
* Fixed incorrect overlay mode after selecting clean mode and restarting camera
* Fixed intermittent RAVEN camera freeze with auto calibration
* Fixed overlay shift on RED Touch 9″ LCD
* Fixed scrolling video on LCD in 5K FF and Framed Overlay enabled
* Fixed flashing pixels in sensor flip mode
* Fixed Infrastructure Mode SSID Scan button in Playback
* Fixed camera shutdown entering playback of 2K 2:1 Apple ProRes clip
* Fixed invalid ‘Image Stabilization Not Supported’ notification
* Changed IPP2 to be the default image pipeline (Output Tone Map: Low, Highlight Roll-off: Soft)
* Removed Avid DNxHR LB codec
* Improved pixel processing along high contrast edges
* Improved UI responsiveness
* Improved user error messages

You can download the new DSMC2 BETA V7.1 firmware here.

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