Fujifilm XF33mm F1 R – world’s first mirrorless lens with an f/1 aperture and AF capability

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At Photokina, Fujinon showed for the first time an ultra-fast prime lens called the XF33mm F1 R, which will make up part of the companies X-Mount series of lenses. Fujifilm claims that it is the first mirrorless lens with a maximum aperture of f/1.0 with AF capability. This lens was first mentioned back in July when Fujifilm released their lens roadmap for the future.

The XF33mm F1 R is designed for APS-C sized sensors and with a very fast maximum aperture of f/1 and autofocus capabilities, it should be right at home on Fujifilm’s latest mirrorless hybrid camera the XT-3. Fujifilm certainly has a great line up of lenses available and along with some great cameras that have very good video functionality they make for a compelling case if you are looking at shooting video with a mirrorless camera.

It’s rare to see a lens with an f/1 aperture that isn’t manual focus only. The only other f/1 lens with autofocus that I can think of is the Canon’s EF 50mm f/1 lens, that was released almost 30 years ago and hasn’t been in production since 2000.

You can still find some examples of the Canon EF 50mm f/1 second hand, but be prepared to have deep pockets. Most second hand versions I have seen are selling for upwards of $3000 USD.

Fujifilm hasn’t divulged a price or release date for the XF33mm F1 R  but they have shown a roadmap of future lens development that hints that this lens may be available in 2020. Two other lenses shown on the roadmap included an XF16mmF2.8 R WR and a stabilized XF16-80mmF4 R OIS WR.

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