Pomfort Silverstack Offload Manager

Pomfort has unveiled Silverstack Offload Manager,  a secure and easy to use application for backing up camera footage and creating offload reports regardless how big or small your budget and production is. Silverstack Offload Manager is based on the same software that is used in all of Silverstack’s copy and verification programs.

The Silverstack Offload Manager supports all kind of camera formats including RAW sequences, as well as photos, sound files, and other production documents. All offloaded media can be documented in clearly structured and automatically created offload reports.

The Silverstack Offload Manager makes uses a solid and trustful data verification process, that is based on the proven Silverstack technology, to ensure that copies of your media are backed up correctly. All files are copied using the common checksum methods xxHash, MD5, and SHA1. The software furthermore uses a two- step copy process, that includes a separate verification step.

The application supports a simple and highly transparent backup of camera cards that allows users to easily trace and control media any time.

All projects from the Silverstack Offload Manager can be exported to Silverstack XT and Silverstack Lab where users can manage, playback, and QC camera metadata as needed.

Features in the Silverstack Offload Manager:

Features in the Silverstack Offload Manager:

  • Single-or multi-destination backup of camera cards, with support for all camera formats
  • Automatic creation of comprehensive offload reports to document all copyjobs
  • Highly secure handling of camera footage, including the use of checksum methods xxHash, MD5, and SHA1
  • Two-step copy and verification process to ensure copy completeness
  • Export of projects, including camera metadata, to Silverstack XT and Silverstack Lab

Pricing and Availability

The Silverstack Offload Manager is available as a 1-year license for USD 139 / EUR 119, or as a project license starting from USD 35 / EUR 29. At these prices it is in direct competition with programs like Hedge For Mac.The Silverstack Offload Manager can be purchased at Pomfort’s web store (https://pomfort.com/ store/). A 10-day free trial version is available for download at: http://pomfort.com/offloadmanager/ try/

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